Indonesia’s Renowned Leather Industry

The Indonesian fashion industry has been growing rapidly in recent history and enacts a prominent role in the development of the nation’s economic sector. Leather is one of the most commonly used materials in the fashion industry of Indonesia along with other materials like nylon, denim, satin, linen, rayon, cotton, and many more. Indonesia has excellent growth economically in the leather industry as the people consume a lot of meat which results in an adequately steady raw leather supply. The fairly enormous populations of animals like cows, goats, and snakes make it easy to produce leather footwear and leather goods in Indonesia.



Leather is one of the oldest materials in civilization known to man. Although the rapid growth of technology has discovered synthetic materials, the use of real leather material remains unchanged and contrarily still growing until today. The outstanding quality of the leather material is one of the leading causes of why it still ensured its longevity in the modern world. Various designs of leather footwear and leather products emerge and make the leather industry more competitive worldwide.

Leather fashion is currently booming in Indonesia and plays a large role in the economy. Indonesia has become one of the largest exporters of leather and leather goods in the world.

The world’s fashion trends evolve from time to time. As time passed, leather as one of the oldest utilized materials, thrived from a common product into a luxurious product. Various fashion products that are utilized from leather-like leather footwear, bags, belts, and garments, grow as the epitome of lavishness.

Wearing leather products will never go out of style as it is well-suited with any typical outfit. Leather footwear, leather bags, and any other leather goods are suitable for both formal and casual events, depending on the model. For instance, Oxford's shoes make people look stylish at formal occasions, while loafers are suitable for casual occasions yet still bring elegance.

Leather material has been brought out to the fashion industry’s spotlight and brings color to the fashion world. Ranging from the leather jacket, leather pants, and leather skirt, they deliver the chic vibe. Many people from the fashion-related field use leather and make it even more prominent around the world including Indonesia. The resistance of the leather material makes it more favored by many to be included in their everyday style. As a result, the leather industry grows constantly, moreover, when several luxurious brands utilize leather as their main material. 

Leather material is known to be long-lasting which is impeccable for goods like shoes, bags, or clutches. Water-resistance is the other characteristic of leather that makes it superior material among others, especially to make shoes and bags. In the market, leather goods appear to have a higher price tag compared to the other materials. Yet, this fact does not make it less preferred by many because of its undoubted quality. Although there are people who prefer to purchase cheaper goods from synthetic materials, many people, however, choose leather goods because it will save more money in the long term. It is overpriced but as it will never go out of style and long-lasting if given good care, purchasing the new one can be unnecessary and more money will be secured.

Indonesia is one of the biggest countries that largely produces quality leather. Along with the rapid growth of fashion, the Indonesian textile industry grows to carry out an essential role in the development of the nation’s economic sector. The leather industry itself carries out a significant role in the world’s economy as it comes to be one of the commodities that are largely traded worldwide. The world population has grown larger and remains to grow in the present day simultaneously with the rise of wealth in general. The excessive demand for meat also leads to a constant supply of raw leather material. On the other hand, leather has been secured in the fashion industry for its long-lasting high durability and raw style. Therefore, the leather industry in Indonesia is believed to continue in the future.