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A Brief History of Leather Material

Leather material has been discovered by mankind over centuries ago and has carried out a prominent role in human civilization up until today. Since the first time it was discovered, the process of producing leather has not passed through significant change. Leather has been utilized in the fashion industry and almost every culture in the world has been producing leather to transform it into various products. In the earlier ages, human hunted animals like tigers, cows, sheep, and other animals for foods and also to take their hides. Hence, the history of leather cannot be separated from human hunting history. In the early days, our ancestors used leather from animals that they hunted to make a lot of stuff to...

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How Different Qualities of Leather are Made

Many people around the world love good-quality leather because of its excellent durability. To make quality leather, there is a relatively long journey that must be undergone through a thorough process that is required to produce high-quality leather from many various types of animal skins. Cowhide is the most commonly used hide to produce leather around the world. The other animal skins that are additionally used to make leather and transformed into various leather products are sheep, goats, and pigs. Leather has been produced around centuries and produced traditionally in the early days. As many technological advances discovered, the process of making leather has become easier and more efficient. The Three Types of Quality Leather     There are three...

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Indonesia’s Renowned Leather Industry

The Indonesian fashion industry has been growing rapidly in recent history and enacts a prominent role in the development of the nation’s economic sector. Leather is one of the most commonly used materials in the fashion industry of Indonesia along with other materials like nylon, denim, satin, linen, rayon, cotton, and many more. Indonesia has excellent growth economically in the leather industry as the people consume a lot of meat which results in an adequately steady raw leather supply. The fairly enormous populations of animals like cows, goats, and snakes make it easy to produce leather footwear and leather goods in Indonesia.     Leather is one of the oldest materials in civilization known to man. Although the rapid growth...

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