Our Story is Your Story

Hole punch Bali is a French-owned brand of shoes for men and women, based in Bali. It has stood apart from local shoemakers through its unique combination of technical skill and creative flair.
Our team is composed of ten dedicated workers. Each pair of shoes is carefully handcrafted by their magic hands. It always amazes me to watch them create a superbly finished pair of shoes from a piece of leather.

All our shoes are ‘handmade’, which means that the leather is cut by hand and stitched by hand. All of our shoes are manually assembled and finished by our gifted craftsmen. Each pair has subtle irregularities that are the evidence of this work and the quality leather used.


Raised in France, in my early 20’s I started traveling extensively to discover the world. On my first big trip, I bought a van in Montreal (Canada) and traveled around the USA for 10 months, driving through 37 states and clocking over 20000 miles!

A couple of years later, I switched to backpacking and kept on traveling to the south and Central America. Crossed the seas to South East Asia, North Africa and more. In the year of 1994, I went back to the states and settled down in Marin County (California).

I made a living from selling women’s clothing at music festivals, university campuses, and the night markets. In 1998, my brand was picked up by an upscale department store chain with stores throughout California and Chicago. That was great, but unfortunately, it lasted only two seasons, it then got dropped, due to a complete restructuration of the department store.

After seven more years In California, It was time to move on, so I went to the mystic island of Bali (Indonesia) and lived there for a year or so. Thereafter, ending up in Australia where I lived for over eight years, making a living in the women’s clothing wholesale business.

Finally, in 2011, I moved back to Bali, where I have been living ever since.
Wanting to get away from women’s clothing, I started thinking about what I could do next. Time went by, and nothing would come to mind. I was getting frustrated and so was my wallet.

One day, I went shopping for a pair of shoes, after spending all day going around boutiques and malls, I couldn’t find anything stylish and of good quality. So I went back home, drew the shoes that I had in mind, and went looking for a shoemaker. There are quite a few of them in Bali, some are ok, many are mediocre, and one or two are masters. After time-consuming research and many tries, I stumbled across those father and son masters! They made me those shoes, and the craftsmanship was superb!

Every time I had them on, I would receive compliments from friends, asking me where a bought them from. This got me thinking, umm, why not do something about it? ET VOILA!

Hole punch Bali brainstorming started in 2013, and we opened our boutique in 2014. After running it for five years, we decided to close down our brick and mortar shop and set up an online store, so the world can reach us!